Code of Behaviour

At AUCC all players, coaches and officials are required to abide by and follow the Cricket Australia Code of Behaviour

Terms & Conditions of Membership

By applying to be a member of Adelaide University Cricket Club agree to be bound by any Codes of Behaviour and Policies of Adelaide University Cricket Club for the time being in force, including Australian Cricket's 'Looking After Our Kids' Code of Behaviour for Affiliated Associations and Clubs. 

You also agree to be bound by Cricket Australia Codes of Behaviour which can be found by visiting the links above;

I understand that there are injury risks with participating in sporting activity. 
I agree that the liability of Adelaide University Cricket Club for any personal injury that may result from the supply of the recreational services that may be suffered by me (or a person for whom or on whose behalf I am acquiring the services) excluded.

Terms and Conditions can be found at
4.3 Taking images of children policy 
Images of children can be used inappropriately or illegally. The South Australian Cricket Association or Adelaide University Cricket Club requires that individuals and associations, wherever possible, obtain permission from a child's parent/guardian before taking an image of a child that is not their own and ensure the parent knows the way the image will be used. We also require the privacy of others to be respected and disallow the use of camera phones, videos and cameras inside changing areas, showers and toilets. 

If the South Australian Cricket Association or the Adelaide University Cricket Club uses an image of a child it will avoid naming or identifying the child or it will, wherever possibly avoid, using both the first name and surname. Personal information about the child, such as residential or email addresses and telephone numbers will not be displayed without consent of a parent or guardian. We will not display personal information about the child's hobbies, likes/dislikes, schools etc. 

After the permission is obtained from the child's parent/guardian, the South Australian Cricket Association, Adelaide University Cricket Club, affiliated associations, affiliated clubs or associated organisations will only use images of a child, relevant to our sport and ensure the child is suitably promoted for cricket. It is a requirement of affiliated associations and affiliated clubs to do the same.

As the Person or Parent/Guardian (if under 18 years of age) making this declaration, I hereby give permission for my child to have his/her photograph appear in the Adelaide University Cricket Club newsletter or on the official website of Adelaide University Cricket Club (, or on official Social Media pages. In addition to my child's photograph appearing, their first name and surname may appear in the publications, on the website of social media pages for the sole purpose to acknowledge the team that the child is playing in. The information provided will not be used for marketing purposes or passed to any third parties without your consent.


1. Introduction 
The AUCC recognises that Social Media tools are an efficient and effective communication method, however, the use of Social Media may have negative impacts on the club and its members. 

The AUCC does not discourage the use of Social Media, however, the members should recognise the possible hurt or damage one may cause the AUCC and its members, Cricket governing bodies, such as Cricket Australia, the SACA and the ATCA, and the University of Adelaide and Adelaide University Sports Association. 

2. Schedule 
The Social Media policy applies to all AUCC Members, officials and parents at ALL times.

3. Responsibility - Club 
AUCC information regarding social events, policies, constitution, game day results, rules and by-laws may be communicated to members and the general public via any of the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Email, Instagram, Snapchat, TeamApp, WhatsApp or via the club website. Additionally, AUCC may will use social media platforms to communicate information relating to local businesses and sponsors who financially support the club. 

4. Responsibility - Members & Parents 
When interacting with or representing the AUCC online, all members and parents are expected to show respect, protection and privacy for all those they interact with. 

AUCC Members & Parents must not: 
. Post material that is or might be construed as offensive, obscene, defamatory, threatening, discriminatory, hateful, racist, homophobic or sexist. 
. Make statements which are misleading, false or defame the reputation of any members, fellow clubs or associations. 
. Bring the AUCC, SACA, Cricket Australia, the ATCA or the University of Adelaide and Adelaide University Sports Association. into disrepute. 
. Offend, intimidate, humiliate or bully any member, club or association. 
. Imply that you are authorised to speak on behalf of or as a representative of AUCC.
. Give the impression that the views you express are those of AUCC. 
. Use the AUCC logo or name in any format without the clubs' consent. 
. Use the identity or likeness of another member of AUCC without their permission.
. Use or disclose any confidential information or personal information obtained in your capacity as a member of AUCC. 

5. Non - Compliance 
Any misuse of Social Media or breach of guidelines outlined will not be tolerated. 
Any person that believes they are the victims of inappropriate use of Social Media should report it to any Committee member, Member Protection Officer of Official of the AUCC (in writing or verbal) along with any evidence that may assist with an investigation. 
AUCC will not be held liable for the acts of its members in breach of this policy. You the member, are solely responsible for your online conduct and will be liable in the event that action is brought against the club. 

Members and/or Parents that fail to comply with this policy may be the subject of disciplinary action as deemed fit by the AUCC Executive Committee. 

The AUCC may monitor the use of Social Media to ensure compliance with this policy. 

6. Education 
The club will continue to maintain awareness of the policy via club newsletters and social media feeds. Club Officials, Coaches and captains will act as Social Media leaders and role models.

7. Review 
The Social Media policy will be reviewed annually to ensure that the policy remains current and practical to the club's goals, objectives and requirements.

Version 1.0 19 September 2018

Terms and Conditions can be found at

AU Sport Terms & Conditions of Membership

AU Sport Membership
As a member of any AU Sport Club and AU Sport, you are agree to provide the following information set out in the below. For your wellbeing, other information such as medical information may be collected and used in line with AU Sport and/or Club Policies. 

You are also agreeing to AU Sports Code of Conduct and all other AU Sport policies

Privacy Statement
Your Personal Information is has been collected by AU Sport to facilitate services and develop programs that meet the needs of our membership base and the University community. We respect your privacy and embrace the principles contained in the Privacy Act as outlined in the AU Sport Privacy Policy.

If you have any concerns about your data please contact AU Sport

Agreement of AU Sport Code of Conduct *

Yes, I have read and agree to follow the AU Sport Code of Conduct. I also understand that it is my responsibility to make myself familiar with other AU Sport policies that may affect me.


By taking out an AU Sport membership, you are agreeing to the conditions of this Code. Breaches or allegations of a breach of the Code, shall be investigated by the AU Sport Board to the best of its ability, and shall be empowered to hand over such investigations to other authorities, including an Office of Equal Opportunity, the appropriate University Representative and/or the Police.

Use of Images
As stated in the AU Sport Privacy Policy, those taking part in AU Sport events or club activities may have their image taken and used for promotional purposes by the Club, AU Sport or the University of Adelaide. If you do not want your image taken or used, please advise AU Sport staff or a club official at the time. If you believe that your image has been used in an unsuitable way, please notify AU Sport staff immediately. They will endeavor to remove your image, if possible.

Terms and Conditions can be found at
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