Rock Up Cricket

AU Rock Up Cricket is a new cricket development program piloted in 2018 and introduced in 2019 aimed specifically at International Students, those returning to the sport or for players looking to join a club for the first time.

AU Rock Up Cricket is a social cricket program, run at reduced cost and allows entry level participants the opportunity to learn the game and play in a less structured and competitive environment.

Run using AUCC resources the program involves weekly coaching sessions and entry into the SACA Super Cricket Competition played at West Beach on Sundays for social teams. We have appointed existing International Students that are established club members to 'front' the program and to ensure that any cultural differences are overcome.

The aim is to increase our offering of less formal, social cricket opportunities to all University of Adelaide Students, and the wider community.

Rock Up Cricket 2020/21



If you are interested in playing Rock Up Cricket in 2020-21 CLICK HERE to register your interest.   

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