We have a number of scholarships available to Blacks players see below for details.

AU Sport Scholarships

Each year Adelaide University Sports Association awards a number of scholarships to student athletes who are members of Adelaide University Clubs. All players who are current University of Adelaide students are encouraged to apply.

Cam  Edwards 2

Cameron Edwards 2019 awardee of the AU Sport Don Stranks Scholarship

Oscar  Harms 4
Oscar Harms 2019 Awardee of the AU Sport Presidents Scholarship

Image 5 2019- 01- 27 22- 27- 09 ( 2)
Will McGowan 2019 Awardee of the AU Sport Presidents Scholarship

The Don Stranks Scholarship awarded in 2018 to Nick Winter. 
The Presidents Sports Schoarship awarded in 2018 to Tom Edwards.  

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For further details of AU Sport Scholarships and how to apply, CLICK HERE

AUCC Foundation Scholarships

The Adelaide University Cricket Club Foundation was launched in December 2014 to raise funds to offer scholarships for University students that play with the Adelaide University Cricket Club. 

Chester Bennett Scholarship 
First awarded in 2016-17 the Chester Bennett Scholarship is awarded to an AUCC player and University of Adelaide undergraduate with potential to play at the highest level.
The scholarship includes a cash amount to assist with cost of equipment, Club Membership fees, Club Kit/uniform.  The scholarship also covers the recipients costs for attending the annual pre-season Inter-Varsity Challenge held at the University of Queensland.  

Eddy  Steele ( 3)
2018-19 Chester Bennett Scholarship Winner
Eddie Steele 

Nick winter
2016-17 Chester Bennett Scholarship Winner
Nick Winter

International Student Scholarship
The International Student Scholarship was first introduced in the 2018-19 season to assist an outstanding international student cricketer and University of Adelaide student.  The scholarship covers the cost of the recipients club fees, uniform fees and the annual pre-season IV Challenge.  

Payas  Bidwai 3 ( 1)2018-19 International Student Scholarship Winner
Payas Bidwai

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