Since March 2020, your AUCC Executive Committee has been working behind the scenes, including by:

  • Addressing the fallout from the abrupt end to Season 2019/20
  • Seeking to ensure that all Club players and members remained safe
  • Working with our coaching and leadership groups to respond to coach and player surveys
  • Responding to those surveys, including by making critical changes
  • Seeking to enter a Women’s team in the SACA 1st Grade competition (which was ultimately unsuccessful, causing the Club to invest more heavily in this space to have another tilt in the short to medium term)
  • Responding to the recently delivered Hussey report
  • Maintaining and recruiting on and off field talent
  • Engaging with our sponsors and key stakeholders
  • Progressing important projects, including a master plan involving new training facilities, improved changerooms for our men’s and women’s playing groups, and a potential third oval at the northern end of the Park 12 precinct
  • Assisting the AUSA in developing a Youth Cricket clinic 
  • Ensuring that the Club meets the growing list of regulatory requirements arising from COVID-19
  • Ensuring that all of our players, coaches, officials, volunteers and supporters remain engaged and safe in Season 2020/21

There are various ways that you can support AUCC at this time, including by:

The Club has a newly established Past Players and Supporters Sub-Committee, chaired by our former Club Secretary, Luke Johnston and comprising Club Historian, Rob O’Shannassy, Chris Owen, Dean Morkunas and Hugh Mugford. You can expect Luke and this sub-committee to be in touch over coming weeks regarding the Centurion Club, upcoming events and other ways in which you may be involved and lend support to the Club. 

Please keep your eye out for Club newsletters and messages, visit the Club website and social media pages, and do not hesitate to contact Luke ( or ( to discuss how you may be able to support the Club over coming months (and beyond), whether this be financially, generating ideas or volunteering your time.

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